My name is A.J. and I'm a graphic designer from Toronto, Canada.

My focus lies predominantly within the music and entertainment sphere. Over a decade ago, my journey into this niche began as a music enthusiast attending countless events, concerts, and festivals. This passion gradually evolved into a profession, fuelled by my curiosity about the music and entertainment industry.

Who do I serve?

I work with event organizers, artists, musicians, DJ's, and record labels. Presently, I serve as a designer for Magique Community Music Events, a non-profit organization based in Toronto, where I've had the privilege of crafting their event posters and visual branding.

Why choose me?

Alongside my design work, I'm also a music producer and DJ, serving as a resident DJ for Magique events.

This blend of attending events for years and fulfilling dual roles as a DJ and designer offers me a unique perspective as I can easily tap into the mindset of both event attendees and behind-the-scenes contributors, positioning me as an ideal candidate for design within the music industry.