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This page offers a detailed overview of my design services and pricing strategy. Its purpose is to clarify the services, costs, and expectations for clients.
By reviewing this guide, you can understand the design solutions, processes, and make informed decisions according to your needs and budget. Thank you for considering me, and I'm excited to work with you on your project!

my design services

about my services

This page offers a detailed overview of my design services and pricing structure. Its purpose is to clarify the services, costs, and expectations for clients.
By reviewing this guide, you can understand the design solutions, processes, and make informed decisions according to your needs and budget. Thank you for considering me, and I'm excited to work with you on your project!

allow me to introduce myself...

About me

Hi! I'm A.J., and I'm thrilled that you're interested in my design services!

As a graphic designer, my focus lies predominantly within the music and entertainment sphere. Over a decade ago, my journey into this niche began as a music enthusiast attending countless events, concerts, and festivals. This passion gradually evolved into a profession, fuelled by my curiosity about the music and entertainment industry.

Who do I serve?

I work with event organizers, artists, musicians, DJ's, and record labels. Presently, I serve as the lead designer for Magique Community Music Events, a non-profit organization based in Toronto, where I've had the privilege of crafting their event posters and visual branding.

Why choose me?

Alongside my design work, I'm also a music producer and DJ, serving as a resident DJ for Magique events. This blend of attending events for years and fulfilling dual roles as a DJ and designer offers me a unique perspective as I can easily tap into the mindset of both event attendees and behind-the-scenes contributors, positioning me as an ideal candidate for design within the music industry.

Thank you again for considering my design services. I'm excited about the opportunity to collaborate and bring your vision to life. I look forward to the possibility of working together!

what to expect

Here's everything you need to know before we get started!


Email exchange

Following your initial inquiry, we'll exchange emails to define the project scope, objectives, and requirements.

Discovery call

Upon mutual agreement to proceed, we'll schedule a video meeting to finalize project details, address any concerns, and ensure alignment on project objectives.


Following the call, you'll complete the onboarding process which consists of accepting a project proposal, signing a contract, and paying a deposit to commence the design process.

Project duration

Projects typically span 3-4 weeks minimum, up to 8-12 weeks or more, depending on project complexity and collaborative responsiveness.

How long will my project take?

After learning more about your project, I will provide you with a more accurate timeframe as to how long the project will take.



Please note, timeline estimates are provided as timeframes rather than specific calendar dates because they accommodate the ever-changing nature of the creative process and project requirements.


Project portal

I use a project management app called Indy ( This app will serve as the centralized hub for sharing files, tracking progress, and leaving your feedback on designs.

Video calls

During the consulation process, video call meetings will be conducted using Teleport (, allowing for face-to-face interaction and detailed discussions.


Subsequent communication will primarily occur via email or through the project portal. I will respond to all emails within 24 hours, unless otherwise specified.


Extra revisions

Additional revisions beyond the complimentary two will incur a fee of $50/hour. This fee covers the additional time and resources required to implement further changes or modifications to the design.

2 free revisions

All services include two complimentary revisions to ensure that the final deliverables meet your expectations and specifications. These revisions provide an opportunity to refine and fine-tune the design based on your feedback and preferences.

What is a scope change?

A "scope change" refers to any significant revision or alteration to the project scope that exceeds 10% of the estimated project duration. Significant revisions may include changes to project objectives or deliverables.

What happens during a scope change?

Scope changes will be treated as a separate project, requiring a new proposal, invoice, and completion of a change order form.

The change order form serves as a contractual agreement that outlines the mutually agreed-upon changes to the original scope of work, ensuring clarity and transparency in project adjustments.

scope change

payment terms


A deposit of 50% of the total project fee is required to commence the design process, with the remaining balance and any additional charges due upon project completion.

Upon full payment

Final files will be delivered upon full payment of the total project fee, including any additional incurred fees.

your responsibilities as a client

Discovery questionnaire

Complete a short questionnaire to guide the project's visual direction. This questionnaire will be provided to you during the strategy phase of the design process.

Provide visual references

Provide a mood board or references to expedite the design process.

Providing visual references helps communicate your design and aesthetic preferences, streamlining the design process and reducing the need for extensive revisions, saving you time and money.

Be responsive

Offer prompt, constructive feedback and adhere to designated feedback deadlines to avoid potential idle or late fees.

Provide content

Supply necessary project content, such as event details or branding materials, in a timely manner to facilitate progress.

my services

Here is a quick overview of the design services I offer

album/single cover art

Still designs for your upcoming music releases. This encompasses full album cover designs, including front/back covers and inner sleeves/booklets, as well as artwork for vinyl records.

merchandise design

From t-shirts and hoodies to hats and stickers, I design wearable merch that resonates with your brand.

animated posters/cover art

I am able to offer basic animated versions of album/single cover art (ex. Spotify Canvas) and poster designs, adding dynamic elements to your promotional materials.

identity design

For businesses and individuals seeking cohesive visual branding, I offer comprehensive branding kits. These include custom logos, patterns, typography choices, and other essential visual elements.

poster design

Posters for music releases, tours or a single event. I also offer packages of multiple posters with consistent branding, ideal for event organizers seeking uniformity across their promotions.


Here are a few selections from my portfolio to provide insight into my design style and aesthetic.


If you're unsure where to begin, here are some popular packages favoured by my past clients. These packages serve as a foundation and can be fully customized to align perfectly with your requirements.

poster design package

Perfect for those who want to promote their event with a bang, without the need for custom logos or extensive branding.

After diving into the nitty-gritty of your event, I'll provide a mood board for the visual direction of the design, seeking your valuable feedback.

Once you give the thumbs up, I'll whip up the first draft and present it for your review. Your input directs the revisions needed, making sure the end result perfectly matches what you have in mind.

This package includes:

  • Poster design

  • Mood board/concept development

Add-ons (optional):

  • 2D motion graphics (Instagram reel/story video)

  • Social media graphics (cover photos/banners/templates)

For artists, musicians, or record labels looking to enhance their music's visual impact, this package offers a tailored collaboration to create visuals for album covers, EPs, or single releases.

Drawing from my dual expertise as a music producer and graphic designer, I specialize in crafting designs that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also resonate deeply with the emotional nuances of your music.

This package includes:

  • Album/Single cover art

  • Mood board/concept development

Add-ons (optional):

  • 2D motion graphics (Animated cover, Spotify Canvas, Instagram reel/story video)

  • Social media graphics (cover photos/banners/templates)

Tailored for artists, large-scale events, event series, organizations, or record labels, seeking a cohesive and standout visual brand identity across various platforms.

If you prioritize highly customized logos and meticulous attention to every detail of your brands visual identity, this package is for you. Through a strategic session, we'll explore the desires and needs of your brand, goals, and target audience.

This flexible package allows you to choose elements that align with your specific needs, ensuring a unique and impactful visual identity.

This package includes:

  • Customized logo design(s)

  • Typography selection

  • Custom color palette

  • Brand patterns

  • Brand guidelines document

  • Mood board/concept development

Add-ons (optional):

  • Poster design(s)

  • Album/Single Cover Art

  • Social media graphics (cover photos/banners/templates)

  • Merchandise

  • Raw files + exports

  • Other (contact me)

music release package

identity design package

process & timeline

Here is a detailed overview of what the design process will look like from beginning to end.

Estimated duration: 1 week

During this phase, we dive deep into the details of your project, discussing everything from project scope and deliverables to timelines and budgets. This stage is crucial for laying the foundation and ensuring a clear understanding of your needs.

Estimated duration: 1 week

After our discovery session, I provide a comprehensive proposal detailing the agreed-upon project specifics. Upon your approval, you'll proceed to sign the project agreement and submit a 50% deposit. This ensures that we're aligned before progressing to the next phase of the project.

Estimated duration: 1 week

In the strategy phase, we collaborate closely to establish the visual direction of your project. Your input is invaluable; feel free to share your thoughts and references. I'll then create a mood board with specific examples, giving you the chance to provide feedback and request revisions before moving into the actual design phase.

phase 5:


Estimated duration: 2-3 weeks (per deliverable)

Presenting the initial drafts, I take the time to explain my design choices thoroughly. This ensures clarity and alignment with your vision. Your feedback guides the iterative process, leading to revisions until we reach a final design that meets your expectations. Once approved, we transition to the final phase.

Estimated duration: 1 week

After your approval of the final design, you'll sign an off-boarding agreement, marking the project's successful completion. With the agreement signed, you'll settle the remaining project fee. Once these steps are finalized, I'll promptly deliver all the final files in an organized folder, ensuring a smooth handover of the completed project.

phase 4:


phase 3:


phase 2:


phase 1:


pricing strategy

When determining the cost of my design services, I consider the following key metrics:

time and effort

From initial concept development and research to refining design elements and incorporating feedback, every project is undertaken with a focus on delivering high-quality, impactful designs that meet your objectives and exceed your expectations.

The time and effort invested in each project are carefully considered when determining pricing to ensure that you receive exceptional value for your investment.

your budget

I understand the importance of working within your budget constraints while still delivering design solutions that effectively communicate your message and resonate with your audience.

I offer flexible pricing options to accommodate a wide range of budgets without compromising on creativity or quality.

value proposition

My pricing is determined by the potential impact and return on investment (ROI) my designs can generate for your business. For example, when designing for events, I consider factors such as audience reach, ticket sales projections, and overall brand visibility.

Whether you're launching a new album, establishing your brand identity, or promoting a special event, my approach revolves around translating your vision into designs that not only impress but also deliver tangible results. By focusing on the potential impact of my designs on your objectives, I ensure that every investment in my services contributes to the long-term success and growth of your brand.


I offer flexible licensing options to suit your specific needs, budget and preferences. These options include:

  • Non-Exclusive License: Grants the client permission to use the design within specified parameters, while the designer retains ownership and the ability to resell or distribute the design. Despite this, we will collaborate closely to tailor the design to your specific needs, ensuring a unique solution for your project. This arrangement benefits both parties: it allows the designer to reuse the design in future projects while keeping costs low for the client. This option offers the benefits of a highly customized design at a more affordable price point, making it the ideal choice for budget-conscious clients.

  • Exclusive License: Grants the client exclusive rights to use the design within the agreed-upon parameters, while the designer retains ownership of the intellectual property rights. This option provides exclusivity in use without transferring full ownership, allowing the designer to maintain control over the design's use upon license expiry.

  • Assignment of Rights: Involves transferring all ownership rights to the client, providing complete control and customization over the design's use, modification, and distribution. This option is suited for projects requiring total autonomy and the ability to modify and utilize the design without limitations.

  • Pre-Made Designs: Additionally, I offer pre-made designs that can be customized to better suit your needs. These designs are perfect for clients on a tight budget or those who are not overly concerned with exclusivity, providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or impact.

By considering these key metrics and offering flexible pricing options and licensing arrangements, I ensure that my design services are accessible, adaptable, and tailored to meet your specific goals and budgetary requirements.


Here's are the answers to some common questions I get about my design process.

How do I initiate the design process with you?

You can fill out my inquiry form here.

What information do you need from me?

I tailor my information requirements to the specifics of each package I offer. Upon your initial inquiry, I'll provide a detailed outline of the specific details needed for the chosen package to ensure a smooth and efficient discovery process.

Can I customize the services in your packages?

Absolutely! Your experience is tailored to your specific needs. The packages serve as a starting point, but we can shape them to align perfectly with your unique requirements. Just share your preferences, and we'll create a personalized plan that suits you best.

What if I want additional items not included in the package?

Not a problem! The packages are designed to be adaptable. If there are specific services you're looking for beyond the package offerings and they fall within my expertise, feel free to request additional items tailored to your project. I'm here to accommodate your unique needs.

Can I request changes to the design after the final approval?

While I provide a reasonable number of revisions during the design phase, any changes requested after the final approval will incur additional charges. It's crucial to thoroughly review and communicate your feedback during the design and feedback stage to ensure the final design aligns with your vision.

Once you've given the final approval, we move into the off-boarding phase, where additional revisions will involve a separate agreement and cost. Open communication during the process helps us achieve the best results within the designated scope.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with the final design?

If you're not satisfied with the final design, we'll work closely to understand the specific aspects that need adjustments. I offer two complimentary revisions to ensure the design meets your expectations. During the design and feedback phase, your input is crucial, and any necessary revisions will be made promptly.

My goal is to ensure your satisfaction and deliver a final design that aligns with your vision. If, after the revisions, you remain dissatisfied, we can discuss additional options or considerations to address your concerns. Open communication is key throughout this process to achieve the best possible outcome.

If you have any additional comments, concerns, or questions that were not already adressed on this page, feel free to contact me here.

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